Heather Calluna Honey - 250gr

Discover the company : MIELLERIE DAMINE

Ref: 004

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The Bruyere Callune honey is made of a single ower pollen and produced on the high Pyrenean
plateaux from the end of July to september.
It has a typical mucilaginous texture that varies from amber to light red. Connoisseurs and food acionados
are chasing it for its pungent taste (like chestnuts and buckwheat honey) with slightly bitterness.
A gelatinous structure makes it very technical to process and requires a "picoteuse".
This machine helps harvesting the honey by sticking multiples needles in the alveolus
to push the honey out of it.

Product Information

Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Shelf life >2 years
Storage temperature ambiant
Ingredients Honey
Nutriscore A
Type of preserving Canned
Product brand Miellerie Damine