Acacia Honey from Béarn - 250gr

Discover the company : MIELLERIE DAMINE

Ref: 02

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Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locus, False Acacia...
So many dierent names for these trees and their gorgeous white owers that have been brought back
to France from the Americas in the 16th century by the king's botanist Jean Robin.
The blond, lightly colored and almost cleared honey is one of the most wanted in the world today.
It is liquid and crystalizes very slowly thanks to a very high concentration of fructose.
The nose is very light but its taste mild with delicate oat notes...

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Product Information

Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Shelf life >2 years
Storage temperature frozen(max -12°C)
Ingredients Honey
Private label possible No
Type of preserving Canned
Ready-to-eat Yes
Product brand Miellerie Damine